Residential Real Estate Navigating Open House Tours: A Home Buyer’s Guide Great ideas to get you ready BEFORE you attend the Open House!   By: CARMA STAHNKE Open house tours are a crucial part of the buying process, giving you the chance to explore your options and envision your future in a new home. To make the most of your property visit, come prepared by following […]
Residential Real Estate Why Spring Is the Best Time To Sell Your Home When does your home look the best? Spring! What will you do with your tax refund? For many people, that money gives them the down payment they need. There are many reasons that make spring the busiest time of year for buying and selling. Read on for even more reasons…. By: MICHELLE ABENDSCHAN As winter […]
Residential Real Estate Elevate Your Home’s First Impression First Impressions are so crucially important! When an agent is bringing a buyer to your house, it takes a few minutes for them to procure the key and enter the front door. Those are the moments when the buyer is making their first crucial decision- yay or nay. Read Kimberley’s article about how to create […]
Selling Tips Spring Into Action: Tips for Selling Your Home This Season The market is getting a little tighter, so putting your home in the best light is essential! Buyers want move in ready! Here are some great tips to help you get your house ready to sell….. ________________________________________________________ By: MICHELLE ABENDSCHAN As temperatures rise and flowers begin to bloom, now is the perfect time for a […]
Daily Life How to Pet-Proof Your Home for Furry Family Members As an owner of 3 dogs and cat, I sometimes feel as on edge as when I had toddlers! Here are some great practices to keep all the fur babies safe…. ______________________________________________________________ By: MICHELLE ABENDSCHAN If you share your home with a pet or two (or five), you know their well-being is a top priority. […]
Selling Tips Top 5 Home Renovations with the Best Return on Investment I agree with Michelle’s article completely! Kitchens, baths, flooring and outdoor spaces are the best places to put your money when renovating your house. And ALWAYS repaint interiors and exteriors and CLEAN like its a hotel. Everyone knows you lived there, but no one wants to see the proof! Read on for more ideas…… ————————————————————————————————————————————- […]
Make your House a Home The Big Benefits of Downsizing Your Home By: MICHELLE ABENDSCHAN If you’re considering downsizing, you’re not alone. Many homeowners are embracing the advantages of living in smaller spaces. Living more compactly can offer a range of benefits, from cost savings to a better quality of life. Explore the advantages of living smaller and learn why it’s becoming an increasingly popular option. Financial […]
Residential Real Estate 5 Home Improvement Projects That Will Pay Off in 2024 Spend your time and money wisely! By: MICHELLE ABENDSCHAN With 2024 on the horizon, many homeowners are seeking ways to enhance their property and increase its value. Whether you plan to sell your home in the new year or simply want to update its style and livability for yourself, strategic home improvement projects can make […]
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Daily Life Summer Safety Tips for Outdoor Play Keep the kiddos safe outside! By JENNIFER MCGUIRE When school lets out for the summer, kids will be heading outside more often to climb and swing on the playset, run around in the yard and splash in the pool. But regardless of the outdoor activity, make sure they always use sunscreen and stay hydrated. Of course, […]
Make your House a Home Tips for Summertime Outdoor Living Find Many Outdoor living Ideas on my Pinterest account – CLICK HERE! By JENNIFER MCGUIRE Outdoor living is as important as indoor space, especially in the summertime. Everything in your backyard — whether it’s a fire pit, dining area or theater — should be part of a well-planned, integrated design. Here are a few outdoor […]
Daily Life 7 Tips for Celebrating Flag Day   JENNIFER MCGUIRE       MAY 8, 2023 National Flag Day is June 14, when Americans will honor 246 years of Old Glory. Since the flag’s adoption by Congress on June 14, 1777, its design has been modified 27 times, with President Eisenhower ordering the current 50-star version of our flag in 1959. Symbolizing […]
Make your House a Home Help Make Your Grad’s Dorm Feel Like Home   Help Make Your Grad’s Dorm Feel Like Home Happy summer everyone! My oldest son graduates from high school this May and is going to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in August. So this article on Help Make Your Grad’s Dorm Feel Like Home really hit home for me! Summer is a great time to buy and sell […]
Daily Life Make Home the Only Place You Want to Be- Staycation Innovation! There are many ways to create a fun and enjoyable vacation experience at home! Here are some ideas to get you started: Create a theme: You can choose a theme for your staycation, such as a beach day, a camping adventure, or a spa retreat. Decorate your home with items that fit the theme, such […]
Make your House a Home Stylish Illumination to Brighten Your Home Lighting can play a significant role in enhancing the ambiance of your home. Here are some tips to upgrade your home using lighting: Choose the right bulbs: The type of bulb you choose can have a significant impact on the quality of light in your home. Consider using LED bulbs that offer energy savings and […]
Local Community Information Score a Hole in One When Choosing a Golf Course Home There are so many great golf course neighborhoods in Lake and Seminole Counties!  Red Tail Golf Club at Heathrow Country Estates offers guests a true country club lifestyle on 480 beautiful acres, with luxury homes and estates and the spectacular 18-hole golf course. Eagle Dunes Golf Club at Sorrento Springs provides another opportunity for 18 holes of golf on a scenic course […]
Daily Life Let’s stand together to make unfair housing history Let’s stand together to make unfair housing history ATHENA SNOW FEB 1, 2023 At Coldwell Banker, we’re committed to supporting and expanding equal access to housing for all and we stand together to help build thriving, inclusive communities that fuel economic growth and prosperity. We honor this commitment by commemorating Fair Housing Month in April. […]
Daily Life Wallpaper With Personality Wallpaper With Personality If you have checked out my art work, , then you know I love pattern! I love that wallpaper is back! If done well, color and pattern is the bomb! Check out this article by JENNIFER MCGUIRE MAR 2, 2023 Wallpaper is back. And you’ll be glad it is – with all […]
Daily Life Guest Room Tips for the Warmest of Welcomes Guest Room Tips for the Warmest of Welcomes Fantastic article!! by Jennifer McGuire MAR 2, 2023 Opening your house to guests is one of the many joys of being a homeowner. You can make guests feel welcomed and comfortable by following these simple tips. Create the Ultimate “Flex” Room Flexibility is key in getting the […]
Residential Real Estate Assumable Mortgages are great for both buyers and sellers Planning to buy a house? Might as well take on the seller’s mortgage too. Experts say assumable mortgages are increasingly attractive for both buyers and sellers Lauren Bird Fri, December 2, 2022 at 7:00 AM·6 min read Read more on Yahoo Finance Planning to buy a house? Might as well take on the seller’s mortgage […]
Residential Real Estate Insider Tips to Buying a Home in Today’s Market It’s always hard to predict the future, especially with the housing market. But one thing is for sure – real estate remains a sound investment. If you’re looking for your dream home, here are some tips to help set you up for success and guide you through this buying season. Assess Your Financial Health Before […]